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Xylos, Emma Hill, The Lindbergh Line + Clara Engel

Electro-Pop band Xylos, is releasing their debut album April 5, 2011. Preview the track “Not Enough” here.
Emma Hill – Folk Roots and Americana. Emma has a new album called “Meet me at the Moon”, out now. Homey vocals with heart.
Montreal dirty-pop band, The Lindbergh Line. Remember all the sneers and strutting of Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, and Cherie Currie? Remember when rock was cool? Well, that’s the kind of rock ethos you’ll get with The Lindbergh Line. Check out their EP “Bang Bang You’ll Be Missed.”
Clara Engel is a prolific Toronto singer-songwriter with a focus on Avant Garde and Experimental. In the studio since she was 21, she has released 7 albums to date. Download her latest live album as well as her others here.

Coming Soon- Tribute Band Interviews

Coming soon! Gender and the ‘voice’ of a Song – Part 2 – Tribute bands!

This blog series began a few weeks ago when I had a realization about myself and my all female band in high school. This was a realization that the gendered pronouns used in songs not only denote the gender of the character in a song, but often reveal the gender and sexual orientation of those characters and often then by assumption, the singers of those song themselves. These issues were discussed in Part 1.

In Part 2, I want to take a look at another layer of this dynamic of gender, and sexuality in the song’s narrative. This time, with all-female tribute bands.

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Riot Grrrl + History of Rock Women-Style

Check out this great article and lecture video from Vanderbilt University on women in rock and riot grrrl.

Here’s a snippet:

“During the early years of rock ’n’ roll, female performers were held to a different standard than their male counterparts. As a result, they appropriated masculine characteristics in their sound and image to gain acceptance by the mainstream.
More than a half-century later, things have come full circle, with women artists now fully embracing – and even subverting – feminine stereotypes.
Jen Gunderman, a senior lecturer at Blair School of Music, traced this evolution through slides and sound clips during her Senior Day lecture “Rocking Gender: Stereotype and Subversion Among Female Pop Musicians” May 13 in Wilson Hall.”

From Vanderbilt University’s News Network

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