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They Had The Hair, The Make-Up, & The Riffs That Rock

Some gritty hair metal bands you probably don’t know….until now.


Poison Dollys

Precious Metal

Rock Goddess


Femme Fatale

Leather Angel


Fun Around The Interwebs

Two Women in Metal Music articles via East Bay Press and Bitch Magazine.

Bring Riot Grrrl Back! says Heather McIntosh via The F-Word UK Feminism.

Bikini Kill Archives is looking for you!

Riot Grrrl Anti-Valentines Day Show in NYC! via Bust Magazine.

Gender Across Borders featured a series of posts on Hip-Hop Music and Feminism. Excellent posts about the history, stereotypes, and context!

The Donnas have their song “Can’t Keep It A Secret” featured on TargetCancer. You can pay a min. 99 cents or higher and your donation goes to helping cure lesser-known cancers.

Le Tigre is talking about doing an album with Christina Aguilera. I’m not making that up.

There may be a new Garbage album in the works according to NME.

Interview with Boom Chick’s drummer Moselle Spiller via Tom Tom Magazine.

OMFG! Deluka! A super-cool electronic-rock UK band!

Tamar-KaliAfro-Punk Rocker from NYC!

Vivian Girls – The End -Live on KEPX

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