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Sound-A-Like # 1 – Laura Branigan – Living A Lie v.s. Bon Jovi – Burning For Love

Have you ever been listening to one song, then all of a sudden, boom! You start singing the lyrics to another because the songs as soo similar? Me too! Hence this post, and perhaps future posts called “Sound-A-Like.”

For this first Sound-A-Like segment, give a listen to Laura Branigan’s “Living A Lie” (1982). It’s a great early 80s tune, full of keyboards and Pat Benatar like lyrics. I discovered her and this song as a b-side to her bigger hit “Gloria” on a 45. I have been going through my collection, and getting rid of the ones I don’ want. But before I do, I give them a listen. I like her, and I think I will try to buy a full album by her.

Anyways, listen to “Living A Lie” then, go 2 years later to “Burning For Love” (1984) by Bon Jovi. Seriously, it’s the same song! Bon Jovi’s has more lead guitar riffs, but the melody and pace are the same! Amazing! “Burning For Love” is a b-side to “She Don’t Know Me.” Again, very 80s, and oh how I love it! These are two different songs in theme, yet, so similar, I can sing one set of lyrics with the other!

So, hence the small world of music we live in. I included some youtube videos so you can hear what I hear. I also included Neil Young’s “Southern Man” (1970). The verses in both previous songs are also similar sounding. Not much, but close. Enjoy!

Also, if you know of any other “Sound A Like” songs, please send them my way!


Laura Branigan – “Living A Lie”

Bon Jovi – “Burning For Love”

Sorta Similar – Neil Young “Southern Man”

During the “I heard screaming…bull whip’s cracking…” is similar to the verses in “Burning For Love.”

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