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UOK – Ainjel Emme, Charmian Devi, Zowie

Ainjel Emme releases her sophomore effort “Everyone Is Beautiful.”

Hard Rock guitarist Aingel Emme (Whole Lotta Rosies) channels her inner femme with folk influenced ballads and the longings of a woman’s heart. “Undone” is my favorite track.  P.S. If you want to see some cool lyrical art, check out her lyrics page. It’s so riot grrrl.

Charmian Devi – Montreal singer-songwriter in the style of Patti Smith. Look for her new EP coming soon! But until then you can download two new tracks “Ballots and Bullets” and “Such a Disgrace.”

Zowie – Dance with attitude! Ow!

Australian Electro musician, Zowie takes no prisoners with her pop tunes and dark persona. She’s up and coming fast, with goth-glam and enough hooks to lure any listener in.

Valeri Lopez – You’re A Jukebox Heroine

Valeri Lopez is an indie/folk/acoustic artist from Seattle, WA, though she also lists Los Angeles as her base on her myspace. Valeri is a multifaceted musician, exercising her immense skills on vocals, harmonies, guitars, banjo, piano, organ, as well as, a plethora of miscellaneous percussion/wind instruments like the kazoo.

Valerie’s songs are playful, mixing an earthy feel with a late-night, smoky bar’s sense of calm reprise. I love the main acoustic riff on “skylightblue” and almost crying electric guitar in the background.

My favorite song is “Stay.” The harmonies are sweet and as the song is a bit bitter-sweet. The song has a raw sense of insecurity and the need to trust your love with the things that are the easiest to break, like your heart, or your life’s goals.

“This life will be cruel but we will try, I belive we can make it if we try.”

But the song it hopeful in the end, as the guitars play their final chord progressions. If you love singer-song writers who can make you long for those unspoken emotions and put them to soft and luminous melodies, the look no farther than Valeri Lopez, Jukebox Heroine.

On Tour:

  • Apr 1 2010 7:30P
    • Bombs Away Cafe Corvallis, Oregon
  • Apr 2 2010 8:00P
    • Fireworks Restaurant and lounge Corvallis
  • Jul 3 2010 8:00P
    • Private Event – Wedding! San Diego, California

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