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New See Green!

“See Green’s vibrant alternative pop is grounded in the past, but very much of the present. Bursting with richly textured arrangements and unique instrumentation, frontwoman Courtenay Green’s songs toss elements from a host of different influences and eras into a giant musical blender. The resulting cocktail is both singular and delicious; doses of sophisticated writing that go down easy thanks to catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and quirky interludes. Using her skills as a drummer, guitarist, pianist, Courtenay writes/arranges nearly every part of every song and co-produces all of her recordings.” -via See Green 

See Green – Violet EP – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

See Green (Courtenay Green) is an alternative/indie/pop singer-songwriter, but not only that, a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and producer DIY style. A one woman jukebox heroine indeed!

The first words that popped into my mind as I listened to See Green’s “Violet” EP: spunky, summer, pop, and maybe popsicle. Not the kind of pop that blissfully and quickly looses its sparkle, but witty and diverse song-crafting that is just plain fun. It’s solid  New Wave with the incorporation of synths and other 80s tinged sounds. Plus, Courtenay’s vocals remind me of a Debbie Harry/Belinda Carlisle lovechild. Sweet!

The 5 song EP is satisfying and is the perfect prelude to a full length album.  As soon as I heard the synths come in on “Goldmine,” the opening track, my foot was tapping and I wanted to call all my girlfriends over to hang out.

Likewise, with lyrics like “If you’re gonna play the joker, I’m gonna play the queen,” on “Get What I Want,”  listeners are kept guessing at the whimsical twists and turns inside Courtenay’s mind. The highlight of the EP, “Devil in the Details,” begins with a polished bass line, a mid-range distorted guitar, and key-synth riff you’re sure to put on repeat.

With so much bad news out there, See Green’s music is a welcome reminder that we all need to let loose and lighten up. So check out “Violet” by See Green, and see a smile on your face.

I Love Rock & Roll!

Hi all,

Ok! Coming up this week, I will have some new videos to post, including some from Anna F., Vixen, and The Blow Up Dollz.

Also be on the lookout for new Jukebox Heroines “See Green” and “Kissing Girls.”

I saw the one and only Joan Jett & The Blackhearts this past Friday at Yakima Nation Legends Casino…and I am still shakin’ all over! Front row center, I was drooling with awe at the legend that is Jett! I couldn’t take any pictures, nor, stand and rock out much (thanks security, total buzz kill) but I’ll never forget the night! I got some staff lanyards and, had the chance to hand my demo to Thommy Price! I asked him if they would give it a listen, and told him that Joan was the reason got the courage to play the guitar in the first place. He was totally cool and sweet. Let’s hope my demo is rockin’ in Joan’s ears as I blog!

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts played their biggest hits (of course!) but it was so amazing to also hear a few Runaways songs like Cherry Bomb, You Drive Me Wild, and School Days.

Here’s a photo from the show, of my rockin’ self and my partner.

And just for awesomeness, here are my favorite Joan Jett music videos:

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