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U Outta Know – Sabrina Chap, The Kills, Trumpet Grrrl

The RPM 2011 challenge is over (well, officially anyways, but I am still going to work on mixing and remixing my tracks) and that means it’;s time to catch up on the hundreds of press releases in my inbox. So, here are some artists U Outta Know, in this brief PR shout out:

Sabrina Chap – Gender Bending with her new album “Oompa!”

NYC native, Sabrina Chap mixes feminism, vaudeville, and music with her latest release. Also a published author, you can read her work on female self-destruction titled “Live Through This- On Creativity and Self-Destruction.” View her music video for “Never Been A Bad Girl” here. Chap breaks your boxes and blows your mind!

The Kills – Savvy British Rockers  release their new album “Blood Pressures” April 5, 2011.

London’s calling you to turn up your radio! Something about the washed out looks and dirty guitars always screams Brit-Underground to me. This duo delivers garage punk for the rebel 2.0. Check out their latest video “Satellite” here.

Trumpet Grrrl – DIY Style in unexpected ways

Hailing from Maryland, Trumpet Grrrl is  girl after my own heart. Self producing and recording her work, her debut release, “The Basement Tracks,” showcases her synthesis of vocals, keys, and punchy brass.  I feel some new wave influences in her work too. An avid videographer, Trumpet Grrrl’s videos, in addition to her  infectious confidence, are an inspiration to all the ladies out there who want to create art without limitations.  Check out her video below and her various pop-star covers on youtube. I am floating up!

Tom Tom Magazine Issue 5

We got the beat!

Tom Tom Magazine – A Magazine about Female Drummers Issue 5 is out! Winter 2011 features: Kim Thompson, Yoshimi, Sara Lund, Gaggle, 8Bitch, Allessia Mattalia, Andrea Alvarez and tons more. This  LA issue will have two release parties in the city of angels, plus one in the big apple. Here are the facebook event links:

Support this amazing magazine and the women who rock in it by subscribing, spreading the word on Twitter MySpace, Facebook, buying some awesome ad space, or just giving them your general support.

Please see their website for event specifics and subscription/merchandise  info.

Clinical Trials – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

In the Wake of the Digital Afterlife Cover Art

Clinical Trials is a Rock/Electro/Grunge outfit led by Somer Bingham, with  Dan LeMunyan on drums, AJ Annunziata on bass, and Ino Aksentiev on synths and keys.

From Brooklyn, NY, Clinical Trials brings the edgy flavor of the most acclaimed concert jungle, boasting influences such as MIA, Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, and PJ Harvy. I would even say that there are hints of Peaches as well in the polyphonic synths that drive much of the 90s distorted guitars.

Somer’s vocals are abound with protest march like  forcefulness. The drums swarm with crisp timing, and the bass and keys compliment each others highs and lows.

Disco Headphones is my favorite track, and begins with a dirty bass riff soon followed by Somer’s Debbie Harry-like rasp. The remix is also excellent, which you can check out on their myspace.

Clinical Trials – No trial needed. Edgy post-mod synthesis that will rock your headphones off.


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