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Kathleen Hanna on Riot Grrrl via GritTV, Plus Riot Grrrl on KUOW

Via Grit TV. Here is the link. I couldn’t get the embed player to work, so please use the link to enjoy!

Plus! Listen to Marisa Meltzer, Author of Girl Power! on’s radio show tomorrow!

 And! More stirrings about a revival via CrawDaddy Magazine talking about riot grrrl 2010!

Revolution Grrrl Style NOW!

Patti Smith Interview with Fresh Air

Another post about the godmother of punk, Patti Smith!

She recently gave an interview on Fresh Air over at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia. It is rebroadcast on NPR. So, you can listen to the entire interview here: Patti Smith on Fresh Air.

Patti Smith will be feartured in the upcoming Haiti Relief Concert in NYC as well. You can read about that in an earlier post here.

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