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The Loneliest Monk – You’re a Jukebox Heroine + Hero

The Loneliest Monk is a classically infused, art-rock duo from Chicago, IL. Michelle Morales & Miles Benjamin infuse the cello with big, hardy drumming, choral chanting, with light and airy synths, disturbing chord progressions with electronic samples.

The duo emits a kind of risk taking in music that is well worth it. Their music reminds me of the perfect soundtrack to any slightly dark, yet oddly funny Tim Burton movie, full of strange sonic pairings that reflect sonic genius. Michelle and Miles vocally compliment each other well, in the same way Jack and Meg White do. I love hearing classical instruments being used with modern music, in utterly not traditional ways. And this is why The Loneliest Monk stands out.

 My favorite song is “Picasso.” It begins with druggy-organ, which leads into a snappy drum riff an equally catchy “We don’t know Picasso, We don’t know Picasso.” Cue echo-chambered sample-hits, now! Add some toms. Boom. Awesome.

So, if you want a little bit of the old, a little bit of the new, wrapped in perfect harmony, listen to The Loneliest Monk, Jukebox Heroine and Hero.


The Powwows – You’re A Jukebox Heroine + Heroes

The Powwows = pop+rock+acoustic+chicago.

If deep dish pizza wasn’t enough reason to visit Chicago, then The Powwows will make you want to move there. The Powwows are a 4 piece Rock/Pop/Alternative band from Chicago, IL. The band members include: Lauretta Tagli, Anthony Caldarisi, Kyle Olsen, Chris Martiniano.

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will instantly be taken back in time with The Powwows seemless blending of pop melodies, crisp guitars, and sound that reflects a hint of singer-songwriter sensibilities. Lauretta’s vocals are reminiscent of Joan Osbourne and Paula Cole, with Debbie Harry’s delivery. The music reminds me of an updated version of Deep Blue Something and Hootie and The Blowfish.

But enough 90s nostalgia, in the here and now, you’ve got solid musical-awesomeness via the Powwows.

Their songs range from the rockin riffs of “Hey” and “All I See” to the mellow grooves of “Tide.” I love the slap bass on “Hey.” The Powwows avoid the indie trap of self-importance to remain down to earth, both musically and lyrically. The acoustic and clean electric guitars, roomy drums, spunky bass, and vivid vocals assure that no matter what genre you favor, the Powwows will find a spot on your playlist.

My favorite song is “Everything’s Alright.” The intro drums have a bit of a electro-feel, layered well with the vocal call and response. It is a self-reflective song about knowing what you want in a relationship, and hoping that it will come true. Yet, this song doesn’t follow the typical bedroom daydreaming scenario waiting for “the one,” but boldly states “I know what I want, I can be strong, and if I can’t find it, I’ll go it alone.”

The Powwows – Perfect melodic rock. No compromise. No gimmicks. Just pure musical joy that doesn’t forget what making music is all about.

On Tour:

Thu Apr 01 10  09:00 PM | Chicago, IL US
Venue: Uncommon Ground On Devon
Address: 1401 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, IL, US

Mon Apr 26 10  09:00 PM | Chicago, IL US
Venue: The Red Line Tap
Address: 7006 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL, 60626, US

Fri Apr 30 10  08:00 PM | Chicago, IL US
Venue: Elbo Room
Address: 2871 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657, US

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