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Latest News from The Pipettes, Liz Phair, Aretha + Ladyfest

Check out a review of the latest release by The Pipettes “Earth vs. the Pipettes” via SPIN.

Bitchtapes covers the ladies of country music via Bitch Magazine.

Catch up with Liz Phair and her 3 part interview with Filter Magazine.

Loretta Lynn‘s come along way since “The Pill” but hasn’t lost any of her conviction via NPR.

New Avril Lavigne album soon….if her record label quits with the BS via Billboard.

Janelle Monae performs for Minnesota Public Radio “The Current” and tears it up via NPR.

Listen to the new Ladytron track “Ace of Hz” via Pitchfork.

Reba McEntire….Country Queen influences a new generation of female country artists via Seattle Times.

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Devin Moore – You’re a Jukebox Heroine!

Our Jukebox Heroine this week: Devin Moore!

Devin is an indie/pop/rock artist from Seattle, WA specializing in eclectic, bright melodies with the right amount of fuzzy tones. Devin stretches her musicality playing various instruments (acoustic, electric guitar, harmonica, keys, loop pedal, ect) along with drummer Marlii Gonsalez. I know how passionate and driven you have to be as a musician to handle so many parts, so kudos to Devin, I do the same with my music. I’m not sure if Devin is into riot grrrl at all, but the music certainly speaks to it. A little bit of Sleater-Kinney and The Gossip mixed in, I think anyways.

Devin’s myspace  includes a wide range of tunes, of which my favorite is “Videos.” It has a wonderful sonic build from the whispery intro to the guitar and drums build, back down to a soft outro. It is about missing the opportunity to tell someone that you miss them and want them to be with you. I certainly can relate to that feeling, as I think most can. Likewise, I am totally digging the harmonica (I think that’s what it is) in “I Am Your Boyfriend.” It is unexpected and that’s what makes it so wonderful. Every song is a different journey. No two sound-a-like, and all have wonderful complementary and contrasting music and lyrics that just keep you pressing repeat to hear how it unfolds all over again.

If you want to listen to an artist with variety and a sense of humor that’s just a little bitter-sweet, check out Devin Moore, our latest Jukebox Heroine!

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 Rock on!

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