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Latest News from The Pipettes, Liz Phair, Aretha + Ladyfest

Check out a review of the latest release by The Pipettes “Earth vs. the Pipettes” via SPIN.

Bitchtapes covers the ladies of country music via Bitch Magazine.

Catch up with Liz Phair and her 3 part interview with Filter Magazine.

Loretta Lynn‘s come along way since “The Pill” but hasn’t lost any of her conviction via NPR.

New Avril Lavigne album soon….if her record label quits with the BS via Billboard.

Janelle Monae performs for Minnesota Public Radio “The Current” and tears it up via NPR.

Listen to the new Ladytron track “Ace of Hz” via Pitchfork.

Reba McEntire….Country Queen influences a new generation of female country artists via Seattle Times.

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I Love…Wanda Jackson

Elvis has nothing on Wanda Jackson. Rockabilly Queen!

Allecia Clemons – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

Allecia Clemons is a power-folk/lyrical/country artist based out of Seattle, WA.

Allecia’s songs tell stories with a dose of sarcasm and sharp socially conscious reality. Armed with an acoustic guitar, the occasional violin, and bass, she spins webs and webs of stories. Allecia draws you in with double-take topics like Hitler, girls and math, and avoiding work to sit on your ass all day. Hitting both highs and lows, her voice reminds the listener of protest ballads from the depths of rural angst. In the same vein of powerful women like Helen Reddy, Loretta Lynn, and Wanda Jackson, Allecia takes her place among them as a singer about the raw side of life. No apologies.

My favorite song is of course “One Bad Math Teacher.” The first line sucked my in feminist sensibilities saying:

“Barbie says math is hard, took the words to my heart, just love to play guitar, didn’t get real far” and “One bad math teacher, girls just love to chat.”

So, if you want some social savvy with righteous vocals and acoustic bliss, check out Allecia Clemons, Jukebox Heroine!

Buy her tunes here.

Kaycee Cole – You’re A Jukebox Heroine

Kaycee Cole is a country/blues/rock musician and performance artist from Seattle, Wa. Kaycee takes a lot of pride in her vocal abilities, noting a “What you hear is what you get” approach void of auto tune and excessive punch-ins. Her training and background are extensive, with training at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and Cornish College of the Arts. She’s done Opera, MTV, casinos, and performing for our troops in Korea. Kaycee cites her inner blues diva to Etta James and Nina Simone.

Her music definitely has an unquenched yearning vibe. Her choice of covers hint at this from “I Put A Spell On You” to “At Last.” She reveals her vocal chops on both tracks, not being afraid to bring fresh and enthusiastic renditions to female vocalist classics.

Her original track listed on her myspace “Anymore” is a finger-snapping romp on the piano, scorning an untrue lover. Kaycee isn’t afraid to reveal her soul, digging deep vocally and emotionally for a truly swingin’, vengeful song that makes me say”you go girl!” Kaycee holds all the right notes, in all the right places, with just the right amount of pizzazz that makes the listener wonder where she will take them next.

“You’re the king of your castle, I was just your slave,
You killed your golden girls, then lost your golden eggs,
I been a stranger in a house, you never made a home,
ain’t beggin you to love me, like a dog for a bone,
Anymore, anymore, anymore.”

So, if you want music that has roots, experience, and showwomanship that crosses musical genre, then listen to Kaycee Cole, Queen of Hearts, Jukebox Heroine.

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