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Chris Pureka – You’re A Jukebox Heroine

Chris Pureka is an Americana/Folk/Indie artist from North Hampton, MA. Edgy and forthright, Chris echos the same kind of passion and gutteral singing of Melissa Etheridge, splashed with the raw electric guitar sounds of Meredith Brooks.

Chris’s songs rise and fall with acoustic swells of fervor and roominess. I really feel the music and topics harken back to the late 90s sense of angst, tingled with self-reflection. The songs are sonically powerful. You can feel it in every strum, in every moan and sigh. Acoustic guitars at times can sound shy and dimmed, but Chris makes them boom, reflecting the undermined potential of the instrument. Check out her latest album, “How I Learned To See In The Dark.”

If you are looking for thunderous depth and acoustic driven truth, check out Chris Pureka, Jukebox Heroine.


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