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Link it! Link it good!

Peaches cribs! Love it!

We may be up for a new No Doubt album soon! via Paste.

Emmylou Harris and fighting against mountain top coal removal via Paste.

Listen to Patty Loveless’ Mountain Stage concert now, via NPR.

Mary J. Blige is set to play Nina Simone in a new biopic. Cannot wait! via Pitchfork.

Janelle Monae talks about her new album, fantasy, and string arrangements. via NPR. Plus, her performance on Letterman….totally smoove, watch it via Pitchfork.

Blondie added to Hop Farm Festival via NME.

Brett Anderson of The Donnas talks about marketing for indie musicians here, and has a new solo song out here. Proceeds benefit cancer research.

I am so SICK of the faux cat fights between female musicians. The latest is Lady Gaga vs. Xtina. Ugh. It’s like every time I see a feed about it, I get the visual of some dirty guy going “Oh yea, fight about who dresses weirder girls.” Please! I give props to Xtina for noting that all the media hype about her and Gaga is totally just to separate female musicians and make for raunchy gossip.

As she says ” There is room for all of us on everyone’s iPods. This is not the first time I have been unfairly pitted against another female artist but it will be the last time I comment on the matter. “Can’t hold us down….”” Via E! & Xtina.

RockherMag seems to be posting again! Yeah! Check it out for women in music awesomeness. Much like this blog.

Links R Us

New Blondie album and Converse Shoe Line via Spin.

Women in Punk via the F-Word UK.

International Girl Gang Underground Zine wants you! Send your Riot Grrrl stories, inspirations and content for 2010! via Bust.

Some women in music blogs:

Rock & The Single Girl

Fuck Yeah, Kathleen Hanna

The Donnas Media

Ballad Of A Ladyman

Here. In My Head

The Art of the Torch Singer 

More interview with Marisa Meltzer on her new book, Girl Power,  here and here and here.

RESPECT: The Musical here.

Lady Gaga to be on “Rock Band” game via Spin.

The hard truth about the Runaways & Cherie Currie via Spin.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts on Leno

“The Runaways” movie version of “Cherry Bomb”

Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, & Debbie Harry Barbie Dolls!

Mattel is featuring three dolls in their “Ladies of the 80s” Babrie collection. Three rockers are having their likeness adopted into doll form including Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry (Blondie). You can buy them now and I must say, they are right on as for likeness! I wish I would have had these growing up!

Yet, I am not sure how to feel about this one. I think that it is awesome to have dolls inspired by these amazing and talented women. And I grew up with tons of Barbie dolls as a kid, and didn’t grow up to be a push over. So, it is a good idea, but maybe include with the doll a CD or two of the women’s music, and maybe the idea of picking up an instrument and playing something, or writing something themselves that speaks to them. I am always for some sort of self-directed activity that gets these girls not to live through someone else (or a doll for that matter) but find inspiration, and apply it to themselves and their own unique ideas. There is nothing wrong with dressing up, playing with dolls, and feeling fabulous!

Yet, you cannot ignore the fact that for the most part, Barbie dolls are a western, white, slender-body, upperclass ideal of beauty that most people do not fit. I may not have grown up to be a pushover, but some girls may always have body issues and insecurities that are in part due to these dolls. I know I am not completely secure in my own body and while I am not sure if this is in part due to the dolls, the dolls are a part of a larger social problem of women’s self-esteem and health related to being used and abused to sell things and be sold as things. It isn’t just the dolls, but the larger social and cultural messages that re-enforce your value as a person based on your looks. No matter what form that comes in, dolls, perfume ads, diet pills, it keeps women in their place worrying about what others think about them, rather than what they think, and should be doing about things like the wage gap or violence against women.

I wonder what Joan, Cyndi and Debbie think of these?


Oooh, and speaking of Barbie, check out Care Bears on Fire’s song “Barbie, Eat a Sandwich.”

These dolls also remind me of: Jem and the Holograms. These dolls were rock star women based on the TV show of the same name. I loved this show and still do! I even dressed up as Jem for Halloween! They played their own music, dressed in the coolest 80s outfits and saved the world! It’s my dream come true! Glam and Glitter, Fashion and Fame! It’s Truly Outrageous!


Quick Riffs – Around The Interwebs

Interview with Rusty, drummer for the all-girl The Coathangers via Tom Tom Magazine.

Older article about Girls Rock! Camps starting up in Canada via Gender Across Borders.

 Three women singer-songwriters are reviving the folk movement in Israel via PRI The World.

Another article talking about the roots of Riot Grrrl via  Campus Progress.

FREE Vivian Girls MP3 of them singing “He’s Gone” by the Chantels. I love it! Click here to download.

New Ella Fitzgerald compilation CD out via NPR.

Beyoncé & “Single Ladies” Song of the Year? Via NPR.

Kid Sister on Sound Opinions Radio Show.

The Pretty Babies – The only all female Blondie tribute band is now on tour. From NYC!

Listen to Hanging On The Telephone here or One Way or Another here. Via Bust Magazine.

Jody Miller – I Can’t Believe What You Say

Via Kathleen Hanna and alexandergeoffreyfrank for this video.

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