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Beyonce & Her All-Female Touring Band

Ok, I maybe a little late knowing this, but you’ll have to forgive me! I’ve been out of the pop music loop only until recently. But, thanks to a post on Monitor Mix, I now know that Beyoncé has an all-female touring band with her. She purposefully picked the best female musicians she could find to support her live. I think this is just freaking awesome! There are so many talented female musicians out there, but you don’t see them, and often no one even bothers to go looking for them. We never ask “Why do you have an all-male band, or why did you choose an all-male band?” Why don’t we ask this? It is because we expect male musicians as norm. We expect all-male bands as the norm. We don’t necessarily on purpose think that/do that (maybe some), it is through so many socialization cues and cultural messages that we just figure if you are a musician, you must be male. That’s why so many people put “female” before guitarist to note that it is not male, hence not normal. (Not why I do it, but that is another post)

So, when Beyoncé did this, she was not only breaking a music/musician norm, but she was making a very powerful statement. This act, I think is absolutely feminist, to include these amazing women, because as I have stated before, if you don’t make note of women, to include them, they won’t be included, and they will become invisible to the point that we think it is “strange” to see so many of them in a band. Yeah, there are gonna be some out there who think her picking an all-female band is “sexist,” but notice those same people never say that if the situation is reversed. They are only outraged when their gender isn’t the center of attention 24/7/365. Heaven forbid you don’t get all the damn spotlight and artistic credit!

I loved Beyoncé before I found this out. Now, even more props to one of the hardest working women in the biz!

In the words of Beyoncé: “When I was younger I wish I had more females who played instruments to look up to. I played piano for like a second but then I stopped. I just wanted to do something which would inspire other young females to get involved in music so I put together an all-woman band.” (1)

The Band- The Suga Mamas

  • Musical Director/Guitar: Bibi McGill
  • Musical Director/Bass: Divinity Walker Roxx
  • Percussion: Marcie Chapa
  • Trumpet: Crystal Torres
  • Alto Saxophone: Tia Fuller
  • Tenor Saxophone: Katty Rodriguez-Harrold
  • Drums: Nikki Glaspie & Kim Thompson
  • Keyboards: Rie Tsuji & Brittani Washington
  • The Mamas (Background Vocalists): Montina Cooper, Crystal “Crissy” Collins, & Tiffany Riddick

    Maya Ford, Allison Robertson at NAMM + Buy Spend The Night!

    Allison Robertson & Maya Ford of The Donnas were recently was at NAMM rocking out on some new gear. Allison plays with a new amp and Maya Ford discusses her gear. Love these grrrls! Check it out!

    Maya & Allison:

    Allison rocking out on some new gear:


    Help the Donna’s “Spend the Night” album go gold in their lifetime! If you don’t have this album, it is a must for any hard rocker. This was the first album I owned by The Donnas. I was DJ-ing at my college radio station, when we got a “college CD sampler” of their songs from the album. My show, which was called “The Show That Rocks” was a show with a friend of mine where we would feature classic 80s cuts, women who rocked, and random songs that made no sense. Oh! I miss it now!

    Anyway, as I was driving home, I popped it into my CD player, and was like “Holy Sh*t! This is amazing!” I instantly became a fan, and ever since have been. I got the chance to see them this past summer in Pittsburgh. The pictures are below, and I must say, the show brought down the house. It was at a small club in Pittsburgh, PA and there were about 500 people total there, including some young girls in front of me that couldn’t have been more than 12! I though to myself “Yes! This is exactly what they need to see and hear!”

    Anyways, enjoy the pictures and BUY their “Spend the Night” album here! I recommend it on vinyl as always! Rock on!

    New! The Runaways Movie Clip!

    I cannot wait until this thing is out!

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