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See Green – Violet EP – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

See Green (Courtenay Green) is an alternative/indie/pop singer-songwriter, but not only that, a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and producer DIY style. A one woman jukebox heroine indeed!

The first words that popped into my mind as I listened to See Green’s “Violet” EP: spunky, summer, pop, and maybe popsicle. Not the kind of pop that blissfully and quickly looses its sparkle, but witty and diverse song-crafting that is just plain fun. It’s solid  New Wave with the incorporation of synths and other 80s tinged sounds. Plus, Courtenay’s vocals remind me of a Debbie Harry/Belinda Carlisle lovechild. Sweet!

The 5 song EP is satisfying and is the perfect prelude to a full length album.  As soon as I heard the synths come in on “Goldmine,” the opening track, my foot was tapping and I wanted to call all my girlfriends over to hang out.

Likewise, with lyrics like “If you’re gonna play the joker, I’m gonna play the queen,” on “Get What I Want,”  listeners are kept guessing at the whimsical twists and turns inside Courtenay’s mind. The highlight of the EP, “Devil in the Details,” begins with a polished bass line, a mid-range distorted guitar, and key-synth riff you’re sure to put on repeat.

With so much bad news out there, See Green’s music is a welcome reminder that we all need to let loose and lighten up. So check out “Violet” by See Green, and see a smile on your face.

Clinical Trials – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

In the Wake of the Digital Afterlife Cover Art

Clinical Trials is a Rock/Electro/Grunge outfit led by Somer Bingham, with  Dan LeMunyan on drums, AJ Annunziata on bass, and Ino Aksentiev on synths and keys.

From Brooklyn, NY, Clinical Trials brings the edgy flavor of the most acclaimed concert jungle, boasting influences such as MIA, Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, and PJ Harvy. I would even say that there are hints of Peaches as well in the polyphonic synths that drive much of the 90s distorted guitars.

Somer’s vocals are abound with protest march like  forcefulness. The drums swarm with crisp timing, and the bass and keys compliment each others highs and lows.

Disco Headphones is my favorite track, and begins with a dirty bass riff soon followed by Somer’s Debbie Harry-like rasp. The remix is also excellent, which you can check out on their myspace.

Clinical Trials – No trial needed. Edgy post-mod synthesis that will rock your headphones off.


Ghost Of Summer Suns – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

Enter a modern rock odyssey with Ghost of Summer Suns’ debut solo album.

Elizabeth Elkins’ songs seamlessly blend crunchy electric guitars, with potent stereo effects, dark, watery pianos, and vocals that beckon and echo with femme-determination. Her lyrical scope is impressive and visceral. Drawing from the late 1990s surge of women in the mainstream of music like Tori Amos, Meredith Brooks, and Annie Lennox, Elizabeth’s music invigorates the female singer-songwriter genre with an edgier fervor and a guitar work that acts as a sonically diverse and separate musical entity.

You will be sucked in by the siren’s vocality, and grin with indulgence at six-string shadowplay.

Begin a rock & roll  journey through the seas of doubt, subculture, and inner desires of the heart with Ghost of Summer Suns….Jukebox Heroine.

Must listen: FireTrap

Allecia Clemons – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

Allecia Clemons is a power-folk/lyrical/country artist based out of Seattle, WA.

Allecia’s songs tell stories with a dose of sarcasm and sharp socially conscious reality. Armed with an acoustic guitar, the occasional violin, and bass, she spins webs and webs of stories. Allecia draws you in with double-take topics like Hitler, girls and math, and avoiding work to sit on your ass all day. Hitting both highs and lows, her voice reminds the listener of protest ballads from the depths of rural angst. In the same vein of powerful women like Helen Reddy, Loretta Lynn, and Wanda Jackson, Allecia takes her place among them as a singer about the raw side of life. No apologies.

My favorite song is of course “One Bad Math Teacher.” The first line sucked my in feminist sensibilities saying:

“Barbie says math is hard, took the words to my heart, just love to play guitar, didn’t get real far” and “One bad math teacher, girls just love to chat.”

So, if you want some social savvy with righteous vocals and acoustic bliss, check out Allecia Clemons, Jukebox Heroine!

Buy her tunes here.

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