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This blog is the culmination of a few friends’ suggestions, and a deep-seated love of rock and roll. “Hey Em! You should start a blog, everyone is doing it!” Well, why not, I say!

So, in September 2009, I began reviewing some music in my dusty vinyl record collection. Since then, I have had the pleasure of  interviewing some fabulous women and listen to the most amazing music by underground, as well as, mainstream artists.

It seems my wordsmith awesomeness, paired with the zeal of fellow female musicians and enthusiasts has yielded a fairly popular blog! For this I thank YOU! I am number one on Google when you search “women in music blog” and number three for “women in music.”*

I love record shopping, playing my guitar, and writing about the female musicians that I love. Sometimes, I just enjoy the thrill of finding artists that will never have their music digitized (unless I do it myself), and kicking back in the used music store.  Plus, the internet provides an amazing overload of new artists to feed my growing “Women in Music” library of both music, artifacts, books, movies, ect.

Most of my music collection consists of rock, 80s hair metal, riot grrrl, new wave, pop, some oldies girl groups, and plenty of 90s bubblegum pop, dance, and alt-rock that fueled my teen years with plenty of late nights by the radio.

But as far as the blog is concerned my philosophy and goal is this:

Women do not get enough artistic exposure, but plenty of skin exposure in the music industry. It’s still a good ‘ol boys club where women still are seen as sex objects over creative, capable,  and powerful music makers. Therefore, blogs like Jukebox Heroines are needed to give credit, respect, critical understanding, and exposure to those artists of the female persuasion until society gives credit where it is so well deserved.

So, my blog  looks at women in music. I do album reviews, features on new artists, song critiques, PR shout outs, video analysis,  news, research, and  educational pieces on pop culture in the mix. I am finishing my master’s degree which focuses on women in music, so I know what I am blogging about in case you were wondering.

Guest reviews are welcome, as well as, if you would like your music on this blog, send me a link, and I’ll see what I can do! I love learning all about new and upcoming artists!

So kick back, relax, and hey, Miz. DJ…put a record on…I wanna dance with my baby.

Turn It Up,


* Ok. I was # 3 a few months ago. As of 04/13/11 I am now on page 6 and page 7 when you search “women in music” or women in music. Oh well! I’ll get it back! I’m still # 1 for “women in music blog!”

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