The Iron Maidens Interview – Part 2 of 2

And now, concluding Jukebox Heroines’ exclusive interview with The Iron Maidens, Part 2. You can read part 1 here.

JBH: Ever get the “you’re really good for a girl” line? If so how do you react?

Kirsten: Fortunately, I can’t recall when the last time I heard that was. Which is a good thing, because I’m all out of any clever, witty retorts.

Linda: Of course…ha-ha. Usually I just say thanks if it is meant with good intentions. I’m happy if that’s what they think. 😉 Sometimes, if I’m in a mood, I will say, “Aw thanks, and you’re pretty cool for a guy!” ha-ha

Wanda: Yes, I’ve heard that line before and it doesn’t bother me. Most of the people who say it have good intentions: they are only pointing out that they don’t get to hear women who play well very often. That’s how I interpret it at’s meant as a compliment. However, with so many women starting to get into rock, there will be a day when there are lots of really great women players out there and that line will be a thing of the past.

Courtney: Not too much actually… once or twice in my entire career so far… I react as I would react to any other comment… with a ” Why thank you!” .. at the end of the day I am a girl ! It doesn’t bother me at all because on a personal level I would be the first to say that I prefer male musicians to female musicians. Every single one of my musical influences when I started playing was male. And this is still true today.

JBH: Do you have any side projects, either as other tribute acts or original music pursuits?

Kirsten: I do have a regular side project, another rock cover band called Crabby Patty. It’s just a fun thing on the side. And I sit in here and there with various bands.

Linda: I play in a couple side projects, most notably Crabby Patty along with Kirsten and Courtney and our friend Chris Brightwell from a Metallica tribute called Damage Inc. We do covers of classic, metal, and pop n old school hard rock n a little disco ta boot!

Wanda: As for side projects and other tribute acts, I freelance extensively in the Southern California area- mostly on upright bass in orchestras and other ensembles.

Courtney: I have a few side projects with some of the other girls in the band..they are cover bands to have fun while making a little more green on the side…. Original stuff is on the back burner until the music industry improves.

JBH:  Would you prefer to just be known as just a tribute band over an “all-female” tribute band?

Kirsten: Hmmm, I’m just grateful to be known—period! Seriously, I’m not fussy about the distinction but “all-female” is a useful marketing tool to help set us apart from the masses. And it is a distinction I bear proudly.

Linda: Heeeeeelll no!!! We are what we are and we’re proud that we are a bunch of girlies doing this tribute. There was a time not a lot of females were even listening to Maiden, let alone playing it! We like to put it out there that there ARE women who love this music enough to want to play it all the time live for people.

Wanda: We prefer to be known as an all-female tribute band because it’s a more accurate description of what we are. We want people to know exactly what they are getting when they come to a show.

Courtney: It makes no difference to me but it does make the appeal of the band increasing stronger when people know it is all female.

JBH:  Any all-male tribute bands to all-female acts that you know of? Any thoughts on why there may not be as many?

Kirsten: I know I’ve heard of one or two but now I can’t remember who the bands were… I think the answer to why there aren’t more men paying tribute to women bands is simple: there are very few all-female rock bands to begin with!

Linda: The Gay Gays – male tribute to the Go Go’s. Phantom Blue Balls – male tribute to Phantom Blue. (Just kidding!)

Wanda: There’s “We Got the Meat” (an all guy tribute to the GoGos), “Mandonna ” (a guy tribute to Madonna) and “The Donald’s (an all guy tribute to The Donnas). I bet their shows are a lot of fun! My guess as to why there aren’t as many all-male acts paying tribute to all-female bands is because there aren’t many all-female bands out there (compared to all-male acts).

Courtney: No.. and I believe this is so because I cant even think of an ‘all girl’ band ( esp. a rock/metal one) that was good enough to produce enough audible songs to have an entire set of material to perform. Sad but true I believe. One day hopefully there will be one.

JBH: Finally, any advice for other women trying to break into the music industry?

Kirsten: Oy… ask Linda. J

Linda: Say NO to drugs, practice, focus, enjoy yourself, practice, get yourself out there and don’t worry about not being perfect, just do your best!

Wanda: My advice to women trying to break into music: keep going, do your best… and don’t worry too much about what other people think. 🙂

Courtney: Stay true to yourself, keep your head on straight and always know that however good you are….. there is always someone out there who is better.

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