Coming Soon- Tribute Band Interviews

Coming soon! Gender and the ‘voice’ of a Song – Part 2 – Tribute bands!

This blog series began a few weeks ago when I had a realization about myself and my all female band in high school. This was a realization that the gendered pronouns used in songs not only denote the gender of the character in a song, but often reveal the gender and sexual orientation of those characters and often then by assumption, the singers of those song themselves. These issues were discussed in Part 1.

In Part 2, I want to take a look at another layer of this dynamic of gender, and sexuality in the song’s narrative. This time, with all-female tribute bands.

First, let’s begin with a distinction. There is a bit of a nuanced difference between “cover” bands and “tribute” bands. Cover bands (I’ll have another blog post later about where the term ‘cover’ song or band came from, it’s not pretty, anyways…) cover bands are bands that perform other musicians songs, usually the more popular ones, and can focus on one group, a genre, or just their favorites. For example, a new wave cover band, or a cover artist that only focuses on traditional folk tunes, ect.

A “tribute” band plays only one band/artist’s work, and pays homage to them by dressing, acting, and personifying the individuals. Basically, a tribute band tries to honor the band/artist by replicating and performing their music the way they do. It would be the closest thing to actually seeing the real thing. It’s not necessarily straight-up impersonation, but a complex expression of tribute and your own creative insights.

So, what in the world do all-female tribute bands do? Some of these bands include:  Hells Belles, AC/DShe, ThundHERstruck, Whole Lotta Rosies, The Iron Maidens, Lez Zeppelin, Blonde Jovi/Blonde Jersey, Cheap Chick, Ladysmith, PRISS, Foxy Ladies, and The Little Dolls.

When it comes to gender, sexuality, and performance, how do these bands do it? What is it like for them in the biz?

Well, I asked them! I asked members of The Iron Maidens, Ladysmith, and Lez Zeppelin for their words of advice and general feelings about being in a tribute band.  Stay tuned for their interviews right here, a Jukebox Heroines exclusive!


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