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Jukebox Heroines is # 1!


If you search for “women in music blog” on the Google, we are the top search result! Hoooray me!

If you search “women in music”, we are on page 4, and just “women music” we are on page 9.

Not too bad of an accomplishment, I’d say! I just wanted all of you to know that, and give a big thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this past year with your kind words and wisdom for the blog.

I will do my best to continue the awesome, just as you do!

Now let me hear you shout…..Juke-Box-Hero-ines! Juke-Box-Hero-ines! Juke-Box-Hero-ines! Whooooo hoooooo! Number #1!

Are You Ready To Rock?!

Hello rocker bloggers!

I know! I have said it in earlier posts that I’ve been seriously lax in blogging lately (thanks full-time, rent paying job) but, I really want to get back to brining you the best and latest women in music news and reviews.

To try to get the ball rolling again (or drum drumming, pick strumming, whatever) let me tell you about Rain City Rock Camp for Girls.

I had the immense pleasure of volunteering for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (formerly Seattle Rock Camp for Girls) and Ladies Rock Camp Seattle this summer. I must say, if ever you needed to be around a group of the most talented, strong, funny and dedicated femme-rockers, this is it. Fellow volunteers and I worked weeklong boosting girls’ self-esteem through music and as a side-effect, turned our own confidence up to 11. Girls Rock Camps were started in the  Riot Grrrl DIY ethic focusing on women centered empowerment + music. Since 2001,  rock camps have blossomed all over the US as a center for positive social change for a new generation of young women. Using rock music, local women mentor and remind girls that they have a voice, and should never be afraid to use it. Loud & Proud!

In the spirit of women-centered awesome, I encourage all of you to donate to your local girls/ladies rock camps, and check out the benefit concert for Rain City Rock Camp this November in Seattle!

8:00 pm, $10
November 13, 2010
The Slab at Seattle Drum School
1010 South Bailey St.
Seattle, WA 98108

Now you just have to ask yourself one question…..What Would Joan Jett Do?

Rock out, Girl-Style!

I’m feeling a Hotphlash!!!

Hotphlash is a comedy about a group of all-female rockers going through mid-life and decide to get their all-girl punk band back together. Catch the latest chapter, or start from the begining and relive the rock & roll journey! Viva rock divas!

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