Listening Room #17- New EP from Blame It On The Girl- Dismember

Blame It On The Girl was one of the first bands to contact me here at Jukebox Heroines when I began doing album reviews. We’ve since kept in touch and I am happy to announce that their new EP “Dismember” debuts today!

To recap, Blame It On The Girl is a Seattle, WA based Psychedelic/Progressive/New Wave quartet whose style is a mix of Blondie, The Cranberries, and The Muffs with some trippy fx tossed in the mix.

Dismember – EP
Blame It On The Girl

  1. Dismember
  2. The Chase
  3. Emptying
  4. Mayfly Zipper
  5. Sense Offense


The EP begins on a slower, solemn note, with bouncing electic guitars and reverb laden vocal croons. But then, a swell of emotion oozes, and quickly subsides in a wave of drum fills. The title track is reminiscent of a midnight tide cycle, pushing and pulling, brining the listener in and out with leading bass lines, ending in light drum stick taps dancing at your ears.

 “The Chase” picks up the pace with savory growls against the flutter of precisely timed power chords, and a bit of a an eastern-flavored drive in the solo. This by far is my favorite track. It’s energetic, and continues that emotional pull. Likewise “Emptying” boasts impressive instrument riffs that gives the song’s title meaning in musical form. “Mayfly Zipper” is dirty, gritty, and feels like a page ripped from a jaded journal entry, with slightly singed edges.

The EP closes with the effect laden groove “Sense Offense.” It indeed floats into your sense of time with the main riffs of the song dancing about in the stereo-field, giving the listener a sense of disembodiment, which seems to be the album’s main theme. Themes of separation, especially in the instrumental work, topped off with vocals which feel spatially floating in the unknown space between make this idea wonderfully clear.

If an upcoming full album (please!) is anything like this, Blame It On The Girl is sure to put the pieces together for one incredible rock and roll carpet ride. You can get their EP digitally with a download code purchased at their shows, and hopefully, online outlets as well. Until then, stream the EP on their myspace, and check out their debut party tonight!

9:00 pm
The Funhouse
206 5th Ave N
Seattle, Wa 98101

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