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Ghost Of Summer Suns – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

Enter a modern rock odyssey with Ghost of Summer Suns’ debut solo album.

Elizabeth Elkins’ songs seamlessly blend crunchy electric guitars, with potent stereo effects, dark, watery pianos, and vocals that beckon and echo with femme-determination. Her lyrical scope is impressive and visceral. Drawing from the late 1990s surge of women in the mainstream of music like Tori Amos, Meredith Brooks, and Annie Lennox, Elizabeth’s music invigorates the female singer-songwriter genre with an edgier fervor and a guitar work that acts as a sonically diverse and separate musical entity.

You will be sucked in by the siren’s vocality, and grin with indulgence at six-string shadowplay.

Begin a rock & roll  journey through the seas of doubt, subculture, and inner desires of the heart with Ghost of Summer Suns….Jukebox Heroine.

Must listen: FireTrap


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