Will we ever get Rock Band: The Donnas, or Guitar Hero(ine): Heart?

Will we ever?

Probably not.

I just saw Classic Rock Magazine’s list of 100 greatest guitar heroes (one woman on the list) Bonnie Raitt. And the book, called Guitar Heroes, with no women in it. Shocker.

So what do you think? Will we ever get women who are rockers into these bastions of prestige? Do we want to? Will we get a popular video game that focuses exclusively on women as artists?

 As it is now, we have rock games that do nothing but focus on male artists, with a few token women tossed into the mix, complete with busty cleavage and skimpy clothing.

Post your comments and let everyone know what you think!


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  1. Although I think of her as a singer and songwriter first, Bonnie Raitt is a great guitarist, but I wouldn’t even say she’s the best in the “female guitarist” category. That’s such obvious tokenism. I can just see the editors being like:

    – S*&#, there’s no women on the list. better pop someone in.
    – Who’s a female guitarist? um, [long pause] how about Bonnie Raitt.
    – yea okay sure.
    – ouch bummer: then we have to knock out johnny no name.
    – yeah, ouch. just to keep the feminists from bitching about there being no women on the list.
    – man, I hate to leave johnny no name just for Bonnie Raitt. I don’t even like Bonnie Raitt.
    – me either, but whatever, it’s just a stupid top 100 list.
    – where should we put her?
    – in the middle somewhere…

  2. I find it hard to believe that only 1 female made it into the list of the top 100 guitarists. I mean there are several names that come straight to mind like jennifer batten, Ana Popović, sue foley, Debbie Davis.

    The trouble with Top 10 lists is that they are compiled by only 1 to a few people and it’s all subjective.

    I have only played the arcade Guitar Hero but do think a Jennifer Batten character at least is required!

    • Well, it’s true. Sad and true. That’s why I don’t put much stock in those lists, they are just made to keep reinforcing the same small pool of guitarists an even smaller pool of people think are divine.

  3. I loved the first couple of Guitar Hero games, and was in love with Judy Nails. She was pretty much the avatar version of high school Wizzle. Then, all of a sudden, her waist imploded, her chest exploded, and her clothes came from the child’s department. It was, to say the least, a huge disappointment.

    Once I had the option to make my own avatar, I recreated a human looking rocker grrl. But it is so infuriating that the characters became so sexualized. I remember playing GH3 with my 10 year old cousin on Xmas and thinking “I don’t want him to think this is what a female musician looks like.” Or his older sister, for that matter.

    But let me say, if there were a Donnas or Heart game I wouldn’t come out of my house for a week. FANTASTIC.

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