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Snow And Voices – You’re a Jukebox Heroine + Hero

Snow & Voices is an existential rock/alternative duo from Los Angeles, CA. Lauri Kranz channels mystic vocals, while Jebin Bruni masters multiple instruments on the band’s third musical release “Anything That Moves.”

Upon first play, the listener is taken into a world of rich sonic auras, a type of time-traveled vintage presence that makes Snow & Voices’ music seem transplanted from a mysterious and haunted past. Lauri’s vocals and style are similar to Sarah McLachlan, with a slow and simmering delivery, yet, with a hinging depth I hear with Shawn Colvin. The music is colored with layers, featuring a piano, lightly distorted guitar, atmospheric bass, and phased tones among the stereo field. The songs remind me of Fiona Apple’s “Tidal.” Which makes sense, since Jebin also worked on that one as well.

For example, the song “Mistress” feels like a music box’s personal confession of alienation and disconnection. In the background, clinking tones mix with barely audible strings in an almost New Age way. “Maybe Finland” oozes singer-songwriter personalization, among thick piano chords and siren-like guitar swells.

So, if you desire arcane ardor wrapped in melodious musical accompaniment, listen to Snow & Voices, Jukebox Heroine + Hero.

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