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Writing Next Week

Hi all,

I’ll be doing more writing on my thesis next week, so I have pre-scheduled a bunch of posts to keep you entertained including a Jukebox Heroine review, chic mix playlist, links, and some quotes. If you’re a band/artist that submitted music for review, don’t worry! I do what I can when I can, and I try to review in a timely manner, but I am backlogged right now. But I will get something up about your music, it just may take some time.  I think I will regulate my posting to 2-3 times a week, since at the rate I am going now, I am workin on the blog so much I don’t get much else accomplished. Great for you, but bad for my cats….they need attention to! Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement! If you have any rich relatives that would like to donate to Jukebox Heroines, and be a patron of female-empowered music exposure, let them know! Every little bit helps!

So rock on, and see you later!



Alabaster – You’re Jukebox Heroines + Heroes

Alabaster is a pop-punk/powerpop/alternative group from Seattle, WA (originally from Chicago.) The six-piece band includes Shane on Lead Vox, Kate on Lead Guitar/ScreamVox, Joe on Rhythm Guitar, Jason on Bass, StayC on Keys/VoxHarmonies, and Dwayne on the drums.

The sextet lives up to its pop-punk sensibilities with saccharine hooks, crunchy-driven riffs, and classic, fist-pumping drum work. I can’t help it, I am very smitten. The group radiates consistency, a cohesive band who knows what they want, and how to perform well together, which can be a challenge for a group this size.

As for their tunes, those who love the perfectly executed mix of  lyrical melodies with a dash of guttural screams, will find Alabaster an epic win. Their style is reminiscent of Elastica, an adrenalized L7, with a Greenday / The Gits split.

Songs like “In The Land of Wolves” build up the intensity with slick bass fills, and a snare that snaps like none other. A palm muted break and vocal crescendo breathe life into the chorus. In contrast, “Hollow” fades between a siren-like strings and picked riffs to therapeutic vocals.

“Failed Attempts” is my favorite tune. I can remember I have felt just as the song states:

“It gets clearer the further away I get, and I get nothing back for my efforts, failed attempts, are my destiny.”

The songs has these stops and starts, these pushes and pulls sonically that make my lips sneer Billy Idol style, and my head bob in agreement.

So, if you want undeniably road tested punk, topped with sticky-sweet studs, check out Alabaster, Jukebox Heroines + Heroes.


  • Apr 23 2010 5:00P
    • The Mirkwood (Benefit for Breast Cancer research) Arlington, Washington
  • May 1 2010 9:00P
    • 107.7 The End Presents The Hard Rock Cafe Seattle Battle of the Band Finals! Seattle, Washington
  • May 16 2010 7:00P
    • Skylark (All Ages) Female fronted show case w/ Amsterdam, Rebel Strike, To Paint the Sky Seattle, Washington
  • Aug 14 2010 12:00P
    • VANS Warped Tour 2010 George, Washington

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