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Hi all,

As you may know, Jukebox Heroines has a youtube page. Up until recently, it has been a mess. Well, no more! I have organized all of the favorite videos into playlists highlighting female bands from each decade, and female artists by instrument. Now, if you don’t see your favorite artist/band listed, let me know. The playlists are by no means complete. It has slowly been building from videos posted on this website, and just videos I have watched here and there. So, if you have some ideas, let me know! The list will grow as more women in music are added, rediscovered, and dusted off from the invisible histories of rock.

Stay loud,



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  1. riotgrrrlrevolution

    I can’t seem to find your page! You linked to Youtube’s main page, and when I search for JH I find nada. what is the link?

    grazi ^_^

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