Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Orchestra

Meaghan Smith’sThe Cricket’s Orchestra” is a modern-vintage ride with jazz and blues flair! I just heard a few songs on NPR a few days ago, and this album is pure bliss!

You can buy her album, as well as, latest EP here.

I have always loved the pop-standards of yore. From Eydie Gorme, Doris Day, Ella Fitzgerald, to Peggie Lee, the women of this tradition belted it out with the best of them, and never held back. Their fears, joys, and aspirations can be felt in their voices. Their songs tap into that sense of spunk we all have, yet, also a universal longing.

I agree so much with Meaghan’s feelings on vintage music. You can hear so much about them and the space they are performing in via the medium the music was produced on and with.

Meaghan’s voice and composition take us back, yes, but the experience propels us into a future of sweet harmonies, swinging snaps, and whistled love-notes that never age. It is another world, and her music will take you there.


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