Jukebox Heroines – Trifecta Edition!

Jennifer BattenViva La Rock!

At one point Batten was in 6 different bands, playing everything from straight ahead rock, to metal, fusion, and funk. A major turning point came when she was selected from over one hundred guitarists to play in Michael Jackson’s highly skilled band which toured the world for one and a half years playing for over four and a half million people.

Jennifer Batten is a guitar goddess! Not that she needs to prove it, but there are not many players who can match her speed, skill, and dedication to music. A chameleon of the craft, she blends the best of all genres effortlessly and with pizazz. Check out her new website!


Jaggedy AnnFemme Fatales!

Jaggedy Ann is an all girl rock band with explosive stage presence and a powerful hard rock sound. Recently, this girl group went to New Zealand and recorded their album with Phil Rudd – the drummer for AC/DC. These gals will leave you drooling, with your jaws dropped in amazement! One taste of their rock cocktail and all you’ll want is MORE!

With high-octane guitar riffs, and no apologising for their flair, Jaggedy Ann continues the big arena rock sound. I give mad props to the band, not only because it is hard to make kick ass music in an all-boys genre, but to do it a the Gibson SG Goddess (of which I own,) just oozes pure class. Turn it up!


Nancy FriekoIn Your Face!

Obsessed with rock from an early age, the mostly self-taught musician plays drums, keys, and anything with strings; she’s also a vocalist, lyricist, and songwriter. Inspired by early favorites such as KISS, her onstage “steampunk” persona developed through a life-long love of glam – her very own real-life anime experiment.

Nancy harkens back to the days of riot grrrl, with her frank honesty, and hell, yeah, she just said vagina. A prolific musician on a variety of instruments, she refuses to be boxed in. Nancy’s music is everything we are missing from powerful artists in rock right now: rebellion.



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