Suzi Quatro – First Lady of the Bass!

In honor of my latest twitter follower Suzi Quatro! Leather jump suits and the baddest bass rockin! Thank you for being an icon and role model for other female musicians like myself! My favorite song has always been “Your Mama Won’t Like Me.” It’s so true! It should be my theme song.

When I was first starting my musical journey, my first role models were men. The typical AOR, classic rock bands that everyone else in my hometown thought were gods. And there are some great ones, I have seen Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and Alice Cooper quite a few times. But as I went on as a musician, trying to find my unique style and ideas, none of those bands spoke to me. Anytime I would find out about an all-female rock band, I clung onto them like static cling to my a-line skirts. I couldn’t get enough of them! Some of the first female rockers I was exposed to were: Heart, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, The Bangles, The Go-Gos, and Vixen. I just wanted to do what they were doing so badly. Their music and styles gave voice to my own feelings and desire to rock out without my “cock” out. If you are interesting in the whole idea of “cock” rock, and how hard it is for female rockers to break into that, see this article from Bitch Magazine. It explains it all perfectly.

As I entered grad-school, I found amazing female musicians, spanning all types of genres, and thanks to twitter, the internets, vinyl record shopping, and just networking, that list grows. Everyday I am so happy to just hear what other women like myself are doing, and discovering that new “fav” band.

As for Suzi Quatro, I found out about you as I was hunting for female rockers in a record store one say. I just go A-Z through the racks, and they store had like 4 of your albums under “Q.”  She was this ultimate biker-bar rocker, and I had to have them all!  I was just like “Yes! You cannot top a lady who rocks a BC Rich Bitch Bass!” So to Suzi, thank you! We need you now more than ever!


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