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Celandine – You’re a Jukebox Heroine!

Celandine – Seattle, WA singer-songwriter who speaks from the depths of her soul via the piano. Celandine’s (Hillary Garrett) bio is witty, highlighting her many attempts at professional musical lessons, degrees, projects, and training, only to find that what really mattered wasn’t credentials, just herself.

Her myspace page features her latest endeavor “The World in Spite of Me,” a ballad of finding personal truth through mistreatment and underestimation. The lyrics harken a sense of inner-darkness that has now come into view.

“And all that buried me is now revealing
Depression, tribulation, was really all I needed
And all I care to be is far below me
Elevating, reciprocating, light in light, I breathe
This is the world inside of me
This is the world in spite of me”

Her voice haunts, and has a wisdom that comes from experiencing self-doubt and now, a new found strength.  That lead guitarist who kicked you out of your previous band, I think is kickin’ themselves silly now.

“Expression, inspiration, was really all I needed.”

I couldn’t agree more.

If you are looking for undeniable passion and unyielding piano expression, listen to Celandine’s “The World in Spite of Me” and buy it on iTunes!

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