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Women Rock For Haiti Benefit Concert

If you are in the Ohio area, check this concert out!


Women Rock For Haiti

In a show of music solidarity and desire to mobilize resources for the Haiti relief efforts, JUSTUS announces it will host a two-night benefit concert at Brenda’s Double Deuce, 4304 Tytus, Middletown, Ohio on February 19 and February 20, 2010. Several local female music artists, comedians, and various other acts will perform.

JUSTUS, a dynamic acoustic guitar duo, is hosting the event in hopes of providing additional relief for the earthquake victims as they recover and rebuild their lives. Lead vocalist Jen Stamper highlights, “Hosting WOMEN ROCK FOR HAITI gives us the opportunity as artists to come together in music for those in Haiti who do not have a song of joy in their hearts. Music and laughter are universal and together we can make a difference.” Lead guitarist Tish Johnson notes, “When I watched the boy being pulled out of the rubble after being trapped for 7 ½ days and his arms went out, the smile on his face drew me in. I know all of the work is going to be worth it. I am honored to be amongst the wonderful women of music and this common goal.”

WOMEN ROCK FOR HAITI will showcase the talents of women in the community who desire to deliver a message of hope, love, and praise for the many precious gifts in all of our lives. The lineup will include a diverse array of styles, to include country, classic rock, and folk music. Confirmed acts include: JUSTUS, JADIS, WIZARD, CAFFEINE, SOMETHING SIMPLE, FROZEN FEET, Train to Willoughby, Donna Mogavero, Ellie Malchow, Michelle Bullock, Joy Hollon, and comedian Dana Austin. For lineup details, show times, and additional information, please visit “JUSTUS Rocks” on Facebook.


Brenda Heavrin, owner of Brenda’s Double Deuce, notes, “I’m very proud of these girls coming together to help during such terrible times in Haiti. I’m also glad they have chosen this establishment to hold the event so I too can offer my help. My heart goes out to those in need.”

Door and raffle proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross of Middletown, OH. If you would like to donate, but are unable to attend, please send your donation to the American Red Cross, c/o WOMEN ROCK FOR HAITI, 1227 Central Avenue, Middletown, OH 45044.

We would greatly appreciate anything you can donate as an auction item or smaller raffle item.  Thank you for your consideration. 

If you would like to donate a raffle item or need additional details, please contact JUSTUS as noted below:



Jen Stamper: (606) 276-3750


100 Wyndemere Drive

Franklin, OH  45005


Mona Sterling – You’re a Jukebox Heroine

Mona Sterling is a Seattle, WA based alt-rocker with the chops and urban grit fitting the rainy city. With vocals reminiscent of Grace Slick and Meredith Brooks, her debut album “Lay Down Your Weapons” will satisfy anyone who loves hearing the hard truth and vulnerability surrounding love. The title track is a whimsical dance between slide guitars and witty lyrical play on not-s0-fair relationships. I picture a carnival scene-like music video. Likewise, “All Good” has a bitter-sweet flamenco feel, easy to chill to. If you are looking for cathartic release, “How Do I Say Goodbye” is the perfect blend of piano, light strings, and the pain of letting go.

My favorite tracks are “Room To Change” and “Wreck You.” I want to sing those to all of my ex-boyfriends, and then flip ’em the bird. Mona taps into the visceral “Hell hath no Fury” part of getting burned that makes rock and roll so powerful. Overall, Mona Sterling shines with emotional variety, spunk, and rebellion fitting a rocker on the rise.  Check her out!

Official Mona Sterling and Myspace.

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