New Book! Girl Power -The Nineties Revolution in Music by Marisa Meltzer

New Book! Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music by Marisa Meltzer. This book about women in music focuses on the 90s and everything from Riot Grrrl to the Spice Girls. It is available for pre-order now and will be available February 2, 2010.

Product description from “In the early nineties, riot grrrl exploded onto the underground music scene, inspiring girls to pick up an instrument, create fanzines, and become politically active. Rejecting both traditional gender roles and their parents’ brand of feminism, riot grrrls celebrated and deconstructed femininity. The media went into a titillated frenzy covering followers who wrote “slut” on their bodies, wore frilly dresses with combat boots, and talked openly about sexual politics.

The movement’s message of “revolution girl-style now” soon filtered into the mainstream as “girl power,” popularized by the Spice Girls and transformed into merchandising gold as shrunken T-shirts, lip glosses, and posable dolls. Though many criticized girl power as at best frivolous and at worst soulless and hypersexualized, Marisa Meltzer argues that it paved the way for today’s generation of confident girls who are playing instruments and joining bands in record numbers.”

I pre-ordered mine! I’ll give you my review after I have read it. I may start a new posting segment highlighting women in music books for those who just can’t get enough. We’ll see!


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