Help Women & Girls In Haiti

CARE: She has the power to change her world. You have the power to help her do it.

I know it’s taken me a bit to post about the Haiti tragedy, but I figured it is better to post a bit later on the issue because the more time that passes, the more likely people will forget and become numb to the whole situation.

Because my blog focuses on women in music, I thought it was appropriate to then consider what Haitian women and girls are going through in this crisis. When natural disasters hit, everyone is affected in horrible ways, but women are also affected differently, not only because they have some specific needs, but because we gender our world and in that world, we treat women as less and not as equals.

Women need some things that men do not need in these tough times, products for when they menstruate, prenatal and postnatal care if they are pregnant, and because women disproportionately bear the task of raising children, they also need things to help care for them. Food, shelter and water are the essentials, but sometimes due to gender socialization and discrimination, women often do not get what they need and are pushed aside. Across the globe, even before a crisis like this, women do not get enough food, sleep, and are susceptible to violence and sexual trafficking at alarming rates.

Issues like this go up in times like this, due to stress, vulnerability, and just the fact that they are already seen as less than equal, the disaster only magnifies sexism, racism, classism, and other social injustices of our time. This does not mean we forget men, but we must not ignore the fact that if we do not specifically include women and focus on them, they WILL get left out, they will become yet again invisible. It has happened time and time again historically, and we must fight it at every turn to make sure we get social justice everywhere.

So, if you can give, give what you can, and don’t forget the women. Donate with CARE, an organization that uses gender-based responses to tragedies and issues facing women across the globe.


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