Listening Room # 13 – 45 Edition – Le Tre Femme – Open Up The Safe

Le Tre Femme – Open Up The Safe / You Better Get Back (1968) on 20th Century Fox Records

There are so many girl groups from the 50s and 60s that have gotten lost, forgotten, or no one but those who randomly go through the 45s at some dusty record shop know about. Enter this group, “Le Tre Femme” a Northern Soul female group from the 1960s.

From the little I can find about them online, they were a trio singing group from Philadelphia, PA and they only released 1 single, “Open Up The Safe / You Better Get Back” on Uptight Records/20th Century Fox.  They were a “bar band” of you will, touring around the local area, though it appears they were ignored by most disc jockies at the time.

I happened to have this 45 without knowing it, until recently. As I stated in previous posts, I have been going through my collection and getting rid of some things I don’t want. I kept this one because it sounded like a female group. I listened to it, and boom! Yes, it is! And very much like a Crystals or Shirelles type of music.

19.jpgNorthern Soul, was a music movement in the late 50s-70s in the Northeast Part of the US that fused imported British beatnik music with american Soul and R&B, with the mod culture scene. The music tended to be a little bit faster than other similar music of the time. Fashion was important as well. Think go-go dresses for women, suits for the guys, Vespa scooters, sunglasses, cropped hair, and being “cool.” Oo, I kinda like this! I may need to look for some more Northern Soul Artists.

The 2 track 45 is a great treat though. “Open Up The Safe”  is so much fun! It has a nice, psychedelic rock organ in it, get still plenty of bass and horn soul! The backing vocals are very nice, complimenting the lead, with some violin strings in the mix too. It’s got it all! The main theme of this tune is about a girl telling her love that they need to “open up their heart” which is like a safe. Their love is hidden away “under lock and key.” The girl tells them they want to be their love, so hence, open up your heart and don’t be afraid! Kinda reminds me of “Open Your Heart” by Madonna.

“You Better Get Back” is full of spunk. Horns and a nice upright bass fill the background. The vocals are soprano, and include a nice bit of “ooos, and ahhhhs.” There is even a little bit of clean guitar as well. Oh, I love that classic clean guitar sound of the era! The main theme of the song is telling your lover to come back to you. That you’ll miss her loving arms and kisses, so you better come home soon! I like that! Very much declarative, and standing up for yourself! You know your worth girls! Mod on!

Track Listing:

  • Side A
    • Open Up The Safe
  • Side B
    • You Better Get Back

Not much on the internet to hear by them, but this is what I could find:

Rare Soul Man

Soul Source

And this is a great website all about the mod culture then and now!

Mod Culture UK


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