Listening Room # 12 – The Runaways – Flaming Schoolgirls

The Runaways – Flaming Schoolgirls (1980) on Mercury (Germany Import)

The-Runaways-Flaming-Schoolgirls-FrontMy favorite band of all time. Well, at least one that is not together anymore, but still, my favorite! I have been a Runaways fan since I had my own all female rock band in highschool. And why not? They were way ahead of their time, and being a young aspiring Joan Jett, I needed to find inspiration and role models. There are not a whole lot of all female bands, at least that make it mainstream enough for most people to hear them.

The Runaways were considered a joke, a pseudo “Monkees” if you will. They were young teenbopper girls, dressed sexy, playing provocative music and acting all rowdy and irresponsible. Perfect right? Sounds like the same old song and dance that I hear today about other artists I like. If you find yourself saying something like that, “those kids,” “it’s too loud,” “what are they wearing,” or “when I was…” then you are officially old and should hide away somewhere. You can’t think clearly without your own “better than” nostalgia getting in the way.

The Runaways, with Cherie Currie make what Lady Gaga and Madonna wear seem done and over with. Cherie would come out on stage, basically in a bustier and platform shoes and scream and yell in the best rock and roll way possible. Joan Jett growled and pounded at chords that get you dancing. Lita Ford burned up the stage with her solos. Ha, it sounds like I have seen them live right? No, youtube is all I need.

This album is an unofficial printing of unreleased tracks and some live recordings. And does it ever kick ass. To think they were all about 18 too. I am so envious. They are all solid, talented musicians, and knew how to be subversive, even if they were being used by their record label. They wrote their own stuff, played their own instruments, and knew how to own the stage. They drew upon that teenage angst, need for freedom, drive to have fun, and uncertainty that just calls to me. It hard, fast and rocks like nothing I know currently.

So, to the Queens of Noise, you are not forgotten! Your legacy lives on inspiring other women who want to rock to take it to the next level. Thank you!

Track Listing:

  • Side A
    • Intro
    • Strawberry Fields
    • C’mon Listen
    • Hollywood Cruisin’
    • Blackmail Listen
    • Is It Day or Night?
  • Side B
    • Here Comes the Sun
    • Hollywood Dream
    • Don’t Abuse Me
    • I Love Playin’ With Fire
    • Secrets

Their website:

The youtube: Blackmail is my fav…



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