Listening Room # 10 – Shakin’ Street – Vampire Rock

Shakin’ Street – Vampire Rock (1978) on Columbia

Shakin-Street-Vampire-Rock-FrontThis classic rock / metal band from France reminds me a lot of the early work of Heart. There isn’t too much information on them out there, but are a rare gem for those looking for some deep tracks in this genre. Apparently, they were rather big in France. My copy of this album was printed in Canada. I got it during a recent trip to Vancouver, B.C. over Halloween. How perfect right?

Albums like this are why I love going into dusty, old record stores, risking exposure to a variety of molds to find gems like this. It is a solid class rock feeling album, though a little heavier on the dirty guitars. Fabienne Shine does an excellent job with the vocals, giving the album it’s darker metal feel. It has that kinda operatic feel to it, lots of vibrato.  The songs go back and forth between her and another male singer from the group. I just haven’t pin pointed which just yet. This debut album though, will please those who love Heart, Blondie, and Pat Benatar.

I really enjoy the track “No Time To Loose.” The track has a great hook, solo, and mix. It’s just so perfect in its time period. Somehow it takes me back, even though I wasn’t born yet. Weird right?

Track Listing:

  • Side A
    • Vampire Rock
    • Where Are You Babe
    • Love Song
    • Living With A Dealer
  • Side B
    • No Time To Loose
    • Yesterday’s Papers
    • Celebration 2000
    • Blues Is The Same
    • Speedy Lady

Their website:

And youtube:

Love the one sleeved leopard jumpsuit. Nice…


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