Listening Room # 9 – Paula Abdul – Forever Your Girl

Paula Abdul – Forever Your Girl (1988) on Virgin Records

Forever-Your-Girl-FrontStill stuck in the 80s. I seem to keep picking records that always fall in the late 80s or early 90s. Probably my unconscious looking for pieces of my childhood through the music that was playing on the radio. If I remember correctly, my older (by like 12 years) cousin was a big Paula Abdul fan. So hence, my review…straightup.

Though I haven’t heard any of Paula’s other albums, I like this one as a perfect pop-dance for its time. All of the songs are quite catchy, fusing synthdrums, snappy bass, and sugary vocals. This album reminds me of a warm summer afternoon driving around in the car. Just crusin’, singing “Two Steps Forward…Two Steps Back.” I like how Paula’s vocals sound very natural and not over produced. It is definitely an album that is coming out of the 80s feel and into the 90s pop sound. Less influenced by standard rock structure, it has a little bit of everything feel while still being a solid sing-a-long album.

I wish she would have done more musically, from what I can tell, she has only released 3 albums and a few complications/remixes. I feel like there is room for a lot of growth. Its just a shame she’s been reduced to American Idol. Yeah, ok it’s a paying gig, and probably helped her out of dreaded artist death after they hit 30, but, she has a great voice and dance moves.  Who knows. She’s not my favorite, but I support a wide range of female artists taking control and doing their own thing. I know the industry very different from where it was in 1988. Only time will tell.

  • Side A
    • The Way That You Love Me
    • Knocked Out
    • Opposites Attract
    • State of Attraction
    • I Need You
  • Side B
    • Forever Your Girl
    • Straight Up
    • Next To You
    • Cold Hearted
    • One or the Other



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