Listening Room # 8 – Various Artists – Alright, This Time Just The Girls

Various Artists – Alright, This Time Just The Girls (1999) on Sympathy for the Record Industry

Alright-This-Time-Just-The-Girls-FrontOne of a few of my compilation albums, and even rarer still, one pressed in the 1990s. The only other for sale vinyl copy I can find of it is on Ebay for $80 bucks. Hurray for me. Mine only cost me $10 at George’s Song Shop. I love you George!

Anyways, this album many of you may not have heard of, but I would hope for the Riot Grrrls out there, heard of some of the artists on it. It is a double LP, colored wax (hot pink) set, of the best riot grrrl, lo-fi, punk and alternative girl groups at the time. Some artists include: The Muffs, Lunachicks, The Eyeliners, Hole, Starpower, Calamity Jane, and The Electrocutes. It is a fine compilation of gritty angst and bitterness….oh takes me back to my teen years….wait….still bitter. Damn.

The guitars are filled with the post-grunge overdrive, the acoustic tracks are nice and bare, and overall, if you listened to this one with your eyes shut, you would know it was from the 90s. Everything isn’t overly compressed, and it has a nice variety of styles from pure punk, to some experimental acoustic tracks, even a little jazz. The emotions and intensity can be felt in the airwaves.

I like this one, but I can’t listen to it too many times. I don’t know if it’s the intensity, or just style, but like I said in my earlier post, I like a good solid sing-a-long tune. Granted you can sing along to most of these on the album, but knowing the subject matter, I think I’d rather be more active. Like taking a hammer, and smashing patriarchy. Gosh I love doing that.

  • Side A
    • I Don’t Like You – The Muffs
    • Fed up With High School Days – Banana Erectors
    • Nick and Nick – The Grown-Ups
    • Ain’t Hittin’ on Nothin’ – The Detroit Cobras
    • Dishy – Candypants
    • Shake – Friggs
    • Baby Love – Supersnazz
    • When I Was Your Girlfriend – The Chubbies
    • Happy Days – The Barbarellas
  • Side B
    • Shit Finger Dick – Lunachicks
    • Six Years – The Eyeliners
    • Put a Sock in It – Lo-Hi
    • Anyway You Like It – Holly Golightly
    • Cet Air-La – April March
    • My Fascination – Buck
    • Retard Girl – Hole
  • Side C
    • Survive – The Bags
    • I’m Sorry – Starpower
    • Sad Little Bug – April March & The Makers
    • Terri Man – Red Aunts
    • My Spit – Calamity Jane
    • I Want You – Shitbirds
    • Bomb the Twist – 5, 6, 7, 8’s
    • Happy Right This Second – Trinket
  • Side D
    • I’m Not Coming – Fur
    • Ca Plane Pour Moi – Three Headcoatees
    • I’m into Something Good – The Stool Pigeons
    • Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind – April March/ Los Cincos
    • Eggnog – The Electrocutes
    • Burn Your World Down – Pussy Crush
    • Keep It In The Hole – Candy 500

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