Listening Room # 7 – Cher – Heart Of Stone

Cher – Heart Of Stone  (1989) on Geffen

Cher-Heart-of-Stone-FrontOh yes, I am still stuck in the 80s. Why? Well, considering the current sad state of rock right now (Nickelback, Creed is reuniting), I find the music that makes me happiest is the stuff from the 80s. Pop, Rock, or Metal, it’s all good. So, in honor of the inner diva in me, here is my review of Cher’s “Heart of Stone.”

This is one of the earliest albums I remember listening to as a kid. My mom had it on cassette and I would listen to it all the time on my walk(wo)man. It was pink paint splattered. Nice. This was Cher’s biggest album of the 80s and for good reason. It’s big on production and writer/producer credits. Jon Bon Jovi, Diane Warren, Bonnie Tyler, and Desmond Child and Michael Bolton. Now, say what you want, it’s a hard bet to match the hooks in the album. I like songs you can sing to and dance to. It’s where I can from and I have strayed and returned.

Of course, Cher’s vocals are top notch in this, before that weird computer sound effect she used in her 2000 work.Cher-Heart-of-Stone-alternate There is something about late 80s vocals that I am just in awe about. It’s layered, with lots of chorus and big, but not in the gospel choir way, but like Arena Rock big. Like Journey.

The album has your standard keyboard’s and synth, and of course lightly distorted guitar. Ibanez if I am hearing correctly. Ibanez was crazy in the 80s.  The hooks are solid, the mixing is just perfect, as I would imagine with such big wigs on this one.  Gosh, I love this album. I want to grab a hairbrush and sing and point in the mirror “You Wouldn’t Know Love If It Knocked Down Your Door!” Which is my favorite song from the album. I am remembering the lyrics all over again as I listen. Basically, if you love the 80s, you’ll love this one. Turn it up, que the key change, and bust out the mesh jumpsuit!

  • Side A
    • If I Could Turn Back Time
    • Just Like Jesse James
    • You Wouldn’t Know Love
    • Heart of Stone
    • Still in Love With You
    • Love on a Rooftop
  • Side B
    • Emotional Fire
    • All Because of You
    • Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
    • Starting Over
    • Kiss to Kiss
    • After All

And youtube…talk to me:

 And oh, yea, this is awesome:

P.S. Best present I ever got my mom, Cher tickets for her farewell tour. Karma is coming back.


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