Listening Room # 6 – Tina Turner – Break Every Rule

Tina Turner – Break Every Rule (1986) on Capital

Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - FrontWow, this is one album with an all star musician list! Tina Turner, obviously, is the Queen of “Don’t mess with me, or I’ll write a song about it and make a million from it.” I have always loved her voice. Raspy, cool, defiant. In fact, I seem to be drawn to female singers with a lower range, and male singers with a higher range. Go figure. But on this one, like her pervious hit release “Private Dancer” Tina delivers all the 80s pop rock you can handle. Plus, the best feathered hair ever! She knows how to sing with spunk, spark, and passion, and I like that. She knows how to handle herself and at this point, the biz as well.

Two guest musicians and a guest writer make this album even sweeter than it already is. Bryan Adams did the guitar work, Phil Collins did the drums, and David Bowie wrote the song “Girls” for the release. Awesome. You can feel the more rock influences on this one. The guitars are have the 80s reverb+distortion sound perfected, and there is a nice intermixing of auxiliary percussion. Plus, I love 80s bass. I think it has the best overall tone, mix and style of the decades and genres I listen to.

Great album. Amazing singer. Awesome instrumentalists. Best legs in heels ever. It’s a combination to win.

Youtube…rock me:


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