Listening Room # 4 – The Motels – All For One

The Motels – All For One (1982) on Capital

The Motels - All For One - FrontKnown for a few hits in the 80s, like “Only The Lonely” and “Suddenly, Last Summer” but probably not known for being a tight, solid, new wave band. The Motels had 5 albums in the 80s, combining the best elements of rock with new wave flair and a respectable dose of distortion. You can easily bob your head up and down to “Take the L” ….out of love and it’s oooooover…

Martha Davis on vocals combines a kinda of crooning, mixed with powerful mid-range. You really get this feel on “Change My Mind.” The guitars are light on overdrive and great on chorus. A lot of people don’t know that Martha also The Motels - All For One - Backplayed guitar as well. Which, ok, as you know rocks. The bass bumps, and the drums have kick and sparkle.

From a mixing standpoint this album is just so perfect. Everything is balanced, and sounds great on vinyl. Especially the bass. And who doesn’t love an 80s saxophone solo? The topic matter is a little melancholy, but the songs sound much more upbeat. Especially “He Hit Me.” Gosh, talk about a song about the cycle of abuse and how women rationalize it. Hence, the “new wave” I guess.

It is just a fun rock album, that I am not sure where would be best to listen to. It could be good album to unwind to, or driving home from work.

  • Side A
    • Mission of Mercy
    • Take the L
    • Only the Lonely
    • Art Fails
    • Change My Mind
  • Side B
    • So L.A.
    • Tragic Surf
    • Apocalypso
    • He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)
    • Forever Mine

And youtube. Gosh, I love 80s make-up.


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