Listening Room # 3 – Alisha – Alisha (Self-Titled)

Alisha – Alisha (1985) on Vanguard

alisha-alishaIf you didn’t know it, you may mistake this teen hot shot from the 80s for Madonna. But her debut dance-pop album has her own unique, Brooklyn attitude, and easily danceable tunes to it. You can especially tell it on one of the highlight tracks “Baby Talk” with its bouncy echo, and annuciation of “tawlk.” This actually is my second spin of this album and I like it more and more. The original and remix version of “All Night Passion” screams 1985 with some DJ scratches, snappy snare samples, and a breakdown to put Lady alisha-alisha-backGaga to shame.  I also like “Stargazing”  especially the build in the vocals on the chorus. This album has classic synth-chord action. The album feels short time wise, but I would be proud to spin this one the next time I have a party. Even if the party is in my mind.

It’s great to hear a clean, 80s vocal without the aid of auto-tune. It seems a lot of artists are mimicking the 80s sound currently, yet, killing anything awesome about a song by using it. I’ll write a whole post on what I think of auto-tune later. One word though: Really?

  • Side A
    • All Night Passion
    • Stargazing
    • Baby Talk
  • Side B
    • Too Turned On
    • Boys Will Be Boys
    • One Little Lie
    • All Night Passion (Special Album Remix)

And of course, the youtube: (Note: check out the conga player with the sorta mohawk…nice)


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